geeky christmas etsy wishlist

Christmas is approaching ever so rapidly and hopefully it is not all about the giving part. Although I must admit I love giving joy in presenting someone with an original present just picked for a particular person. This is my kind of Christmas. Particular people call for particular presents and if your task is to find a geeky gift, search no more, for I have gathered presents for the 12 kinds of geeks in your life.

  1. Early morning flattering is now done by this Game of Thrones Mug Set with these "Moon of my Life" and "My Sun and Stars" messages from mugswithprints ! Must have for GoT fan couples. Take a look around the shop as it also offers great other show themed mugs.
  2. One of my favourite Anime characters My Neighbour Totoro Keychain from DeBoopShop. Ideal stocking stuffer for the big and small anime aficionado.
  3. Technical Drawing of Serenity from the movie Serenity and the TV Series Firefly. Blueprint Art from BigBlueCanoe. You can also find other terrific drawings from Doctor Who, Star Wars etc. Great gift not only for guys but for techies.
  4. Everyone's favourite new series on Netflix inspired many of this year's Halloween costumes with its theatrical mix of E.T., Super 8 and Cloverfield . EstelleMorrisShop crafted this adorable Stranger Things Colouring Book for the artsy geek.
  5. My favourite item from this wishlist because it is a rare find. The Katniss Shawl from The Hunger Games from WolleundFeines. This would be the perfect wife/girlfriend gift. Exuberant cheers, hugs and kisses guaranteed guys! Promise!
  6. I had to laugh a lot over this funny The Walking Dead Tote from KaylieghKartoons and I absolutely have got to get it! You should also get it for fans of the show as it is a great inside joke and come on, who does not need a tote bag from time to time?
  7. With this years Gilmore Girls revival this Vintage Stars Hollow travel poster from WindowShopGal should lead any geeky wishlist! This shop has many great posters from other shows and movies. Again, for all of the above reasons of number five ...guaranteed cries of joy and so on.
  8. You achieve deluxe geeky living space decoration á la Harry Potter with this oval hoop art from StitchedonaTuesday showing the proper handling of wands with its "Swish and Flick" lettering. This is clearly for the crafty geek in your life who happens also to be a huge Harry Potter fan.
  9. Wonderful illustration from BarryDBulsara of one of the, in my opinion, greatest movie quotes of all time. "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die." from the movie The Princess Bride. The most beautiful way to decorate your wall. Definitely for the stylo geek.
  10. You can now own the most beautiful answer to "I love you" namely "I know" as a pillowcase set. fromSatMorningPancakes. This works great for the Star Wars loving couple and frankly, what kind of geek wishlist would this be without Star Wars.
  11. This must be one of the most original doormats I have ever seen. Transform your front door into the Doors of Durin from The Lord of the Rings with the words "Speak Friend and enter" doormat from DamnGoodDoormats. Suitable for newly house owners with a touch of elvish.
  12. As coherent as the doormat is this wibbily wobbly timey wimey Tardis style wall clock from UnicornEmpirePrints. For the die-hard Doctor Who Fan and the punctual.